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Te Ao Hurihuri is a package of resources in te reo Mäori intended for use in Mäori medium teaching and learning environments. The products are designed to meet New Zealand curriculum standards at levels 3 and 4 across a number of curriculum areas.

Te Ao Hurihuri video is an 8-minute interpretation of the Mäori creation story told with narrative, live action, animation and music.

An A5 size illustrated book telling the Mäori creation story. (A set of 5 books is included creating a set of readers.)

Big Book
A large format, wiro bound, laminated version of the A5 book without text. Using white-board markers teachers and students may create their own stories writing on the blank pages opposite each illustration. White-board cleaning fluid may be required to thoroughly clean the pages after use.

Multi-media CD-Rom
A collection of waiata, accompanied by the narrative and soundtrack from the video, and the Te Ao Hurihuri web presentation. Follow the instructions inside the CD-Rom's booklet.

A presentation of Te Ao Hurihuri components to the global community, includes:

  • A version of the creation story told with images from the book and video accompanied by the video narrative.

  • A solar system with names and information on each planet in te reo Mäori.
    Download Te_Whanau.pdf

  • A moon calendar / maramataka with phases of the moon and information relating to a tradition of planting and fishing in te reo Mäori.
    Download Maramataka.pdf

  • Winter and summer night skies identifying stars, planets and constellations with relevant information in te reo Mäori.

    Summer Star Chart
    Download Raumati.pdf

    Summer notes
    Download Summer_notes.pdf

    Winter Star Chart
    Download Takurua.pdf

    Winter notes
    Download Winter_notes.pdf

  • A sound mixer, which acts as an interactive tool in layering samples from one of the waiata from the CD.

  • Downloadable teacher's notes and song sheets

    Download teachers_notes.pdf

    Download Waiata.pdf

  • Links to other websites of interest and relevance.

  • Help section to maximise website use.

Teachers Notes
A guide for teachers in using the products contained in this package. Specific achievement objectives are identified in the relevant curriculum areas, along with ideas for teaching.


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Rärangi Whakamärama - Glossary
Aorangi - planet
äwhionga - orbit
Atutahi - Canopus
haumämä - helium
hauwai - hydrogen
ine mahana - temperature
haumämä - helium
hauwai - hydrogen
ine mahana - temperature
Kaiköpere - Sagittarius
Köpü - Venus
Köpünui - Jupiter
mahana c - degrees celcius
Matanuku - Large Magellanic Cloud
Matawhero - Mars
Meremere Tü Ahiahi - Venus as an evening star
M42 / Kapua Puehu o Tautoru - Orion Nebula
Ngä Kapua Pätari - Clouds of Magellan
Ngä Pätari Kaihau - Small Magellanic Cloud
Nga Whetü Matarau - The Pointers
Papatüänuku - Earth
Pareärau - Saturn
Pïawai - T he False Cross
pou täwhirowhiro - axis
Puanga - Rigel
Puanga Hori - Procyon
Pütara - Betelgeuse
Ranginui - Beta Centauri
Rangipö - Uranus
Rehua - Sirius
Rerehu - Antares
Tangaroa - Neptune
tauhökai - rise, of heavenly bodies
Taumata Kuku - Aldebaran
Tautahi - Achenar
Tautoru - Orion's Belt
Te Ara Nuku o Ngä Aorangi - Ecliptic, the path of the planets of our solar system
Te Ikaroa - The Milky Way
Te Kähui o te Matamata Käheru - Taurus
Te Kähui o Poutüterangi - Aquila
Te Kähui o Rerehu - Scorpius
Te Kähui o Whiti Kaupeka - Virgo
Te Mahurahura - Formalhaut
Te Pätiki - The Coalsack
Te Pewa a Tautoru - Orion
Te Taki o Autahi - The Southern Cross
Te Tätai o Matariki - The Pleiades
Te Whänau o Tama Nui Te Rä - solar system
Uruao - Alpha Centauri
Uruwhetü - Galaxy
Whetü Kaipö - Bellatrix
Whiringa ki Tawhiti - Pluto
Whiro - Mercury
whitianga - diameter
Whiti Kaupeka - Spica

Download Glossary.pdf

Recommended Links

Spacekids - informative and fun site for students to visit. Includes games and interesting astronomical topics to research.

Carter Observatory - the National Observatory website.

Spacelink - space and aeronautics education site - nasa.

National Geographic - go to kids then search archives.

Windows to the Universe - a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences.

Stardome - Website of Stardome, the observatory at Maungakiekie.

The Te Ao Hurihuri resource has been funded by the Ministry of Education.

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